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Updated: Jan 22

Why am I still building and remodeling? My birthday is this week and I reached a milestone of over 40 years that I have been a Contractor.

Why do I put up with the daily pressures of everything that happens in a business –

·         Material being shorted or mis made

·         Trades or team members not showing up on time and making mistakes

·         Clients unhappy due to miscommunication or last minute changes

·         Building inspections and permits taking too long

·         Not having project payments meet the payroll and other payments due

·         The list sometimes seems endless…..


I take great pride and satisfaction, and still do to this day –

·         Having a Client’s project being completed on time for the arrival of their first baby

·         Having a Client’s project being completed, not always on time, but with it being built with the quality and functionality that changes how they live in their home and raise their family

·         Being able to employ a host of people as my employees and supporting them and their families

·         Being able to employ multiple tradespeople and suppliers and helping them meet their small business goals

·         Being able to provide for my family – Joanne, Jon and Lauren, Julie, Lauren and Eleanora and Loren and Dan


That is my Why!!

Bob Brierley


If you or anyone you know wants to know Why, please call us at 401-334-9110 or email My personal cell phone is 401-641-5329.

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