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I recently attended the annual JLC (Journal of Light Construction) Show in Providence. Only 2 shows are held each year – one in Providence and one on the West Coast. The show is held for contractors to see the newest innovations and tech in the construction industry.

It is a great opportunity to get ideas for new products and to discuss advancements in building products and tools, face to face with manufacturers. There are multiple classes offered to contractors to improve our skills in the art of building.

I connected with Don and Dave from Andersen windows, saw the guys from Lansing Building Products and said hi to Jeff from Goliath Tech, who installs the helical piers for our deck and addition projects. We also saw   and Mitchell and Chad from Ressio, both of whom are working with our team to implement their software into our daily work to target our scheduling, budgeting, and overall improve the customer experience for each project. We are only a couple months into using Ressio, but the real time updates have been great.

Also saw the new Velux solar skylights power comes from the sun and can be retrofitted into your roof. The remote-controlled skylight opens and closes at the touch of a button and has a rain sensor that can detect a storm, automatically closing your skylight for you if you are away for the day. Pretty cool.

Schluter always has a great display. They supply a lot of the products that Calyx uses to prepare a bathroom or a floor for tile. Or even heated flooring, which has become more popular in the past few years here in New England.

The last Human to know everything was Aristotle, who lived around 300 BC. In the present, we always need to keep learning. We really enjoy seeing the innovations in our industry, but the most important reason that I attend the JLC show is to be able to connect with the experts to discuss the best way to use their products.

When you need a Remodeling Expert who knows a lot, but also knows what they don’t know, and can call in the product expert to help, call Calyx at 401-334-9110 or email us at 

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