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Are you looking to lower your energy bills?😁

Calyx Insulation Manager, Cameron Dupras and I attended the Annual Meeting for the Rhode Island Weatherization Program administered by RISE and sponsored by Rhode Island Energy.

The RISE program audited over 10,000 homes in 2023 and over 4,000 homes were insulated. This saved Rhode Islanders on both the gas and electric bills and reduced the carbon emissions that would have needed to be generated to make that power. I heard a stat years ago that if 1,000,000 existing homes were insulated then a power plant would not have to be built.

Attached is a copy of the line items from my energy bills. The charge for the LIHEAP Enhancement Charge pays for low and moderate income families that need help with paying for the energy bills and subsidizes the Weatherization of their homes or apartments for NO CHARGE.

The Energy Efficiency Programs Charge pays for single family homes, offices such as a Doctor, CPA or Lawyer is now in what was formerly a homes, commercial buildings, condos and multi-family homes. The Weatherization is also heavily subsidized as much as 75%.

It is a great program and makes a lot on sense on many levels.

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about this program, please call us at 401-334-9110 or email to get more information.

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