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Bob The Builder: Blog 1

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

This is the first of some posts that I will try to do periodically. I am Bob Brierley, the President and Senior Project Manager at Calyx. One of the most common questions that Clients will ask is “Why will it take so long to do my project?” I met with a potential client last week that thought their full bathroom remodel could be done in 1 – 2 weeks.

The average bathroom remodel can take as long as 2 ½ months from the time that we “open a project” (this is what we call it when we start the demolition and framing and actually start work in the house). A typical bathroom is between 56 and 96 square feet, but there is lot packed into that small space. On a simple swap and replace fixtures bathroom project, we work with the Homeowner to draft plans if needed, apply for permits, select their products, place the orders and have everything coordinated and ready to go before we start.

Demolition can last from 1 to 4 days, dependent on when the bathroom was created. This is where we can see what work has been done properly or improperly in the past. Bad plumbing, cut floor supports, knob and tube wiring, lead and brass pipes – the list is always expanding as we encounter different situations in each project. Then there can be day(s) of framing which can include damage repairs, window replacement and the relocation of fixtures. This is when we coordinate the plumber and electrician to come see the project.

There may be issues encountered during demolition that determines if they can start the rough plumbing and rough electrical work at this point. We may be required by the city to have engineering and building inspections before they can start. The roughs for the plumbing and electrical work then take the better part of a week each. Each step must be inspected by the City Inspector. This process can take a few weeks. Plumbing, mechanical, electrical, building work and inspections all have to be completed before we can move forward. This can take up to a week and a half. (Not having inspections done is a risk to our licenses, can result in void insurance policies or worst of all, a poor reputation.)

The next step is installing insulation and another inspection. Then sheetrock and concrete backer board and followed by another inspection. We may be required to do a water test on pluming before we start the tile work in the shower or tub and finish off with the floor. Tilework can take a week to 10 days dependent on the size and complexity of the designs. We then move onto installing the vanity and other carpentry necessary to complete the project. The painter then moves in to do their work. Once this is done, the plumber and electrician come back in to do their finish work including setting the faucet, shower valves, toilet, adding light fixtures and other devices. We do our final touchup work including installing the towel bars, paper holders, doorknobs, cabinet knobs and linen closet shelving.

Then the final inspections for plumbing and electrical. Once these are done, we can move forward with our final building inspection, which then officially “closes” the project with the town or city (the inspections is 2 weeks, client thought the whole project 2 weeks). We can then complete our final walk through and return the area to our client. This now starts the warranty period, where all the work that Calyx has done is covered.

So, as you can see, even with no issues coordinating scheduling, product selection availability or delivery setbacks, prior improper framing, electrical or plumbing issues, it will still take what it takes to do a project the right way with all the required inspections.

Bob Brierley


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