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Bob the Builder: Blog 2

This week I’d like to talk about Design Process. My hope is that this gives you a better idea as to how Calyx approaches projects and can help turn your dreams into reality!

There are many types of Home Improvement Projects that we do. Some Kitchen and Bathroom Projects involve updating the Home with new cabinets, countertops, plumbing and electrical fixtures and flooring. On these Projects we work with our Homeowners and Suppliers to select the new products we will be installing to update the space. The selections are made with long trusted suppliers to Calyx. After the Homeowners make their selections, Calyx will then place the order for the quantities necessary to fit the needs of the Project.

On more complex Projects that involve taking down walls between rooms, whole house renovations or major or minor additions, we meet with the Homeowner to discuss the scope of the Project along with taking measurements and pictures of the space. Calyx then prepares a preliminary estimate or budget to give the Homeowner an idea as to the cost of the Project. Once the Homeowner has approved of the initial cost of the Project, we then enter into a Design Agreement.

The basic Design Agreement includes drawing plans, reviewing the specifications with Calyx’ suppliers and trade contractors, checking with the Town or City to understand the zoning regulations, and preparing the final cost, specifications, and payment schedule for the Project. We then enter into an Agreement with the Homeowner to build the Project. Product selections are made after the Agreement is signed. Calyx then assists Homeowners with selecting all products for the Project. Once selected, Calyx will order the accurate quantities. We then apply for the appropriate permits and prepare to begin work. This is the most popular choice with Calyx customers for many years. However, Calyx is always looking to improve and grow as a company. We see the trends changing in our industry. We want to begin offering two new options for our Design Process!

The first new option will be for Calyx to work directly with the Homeowners to make all the product selections. Once selected, this then determines the final costs and lead times for the necessary products.

Our second new offering will be setting our Homeowners to work with a Professional Designer to help guide you through the Selection Process. Some clients prefer a hands-on approach or would like a second opinion to make their final decisions. We are excited to bring our future clients these new approaches to planning and developing projects.

We look forward to providing our new Design Services and would like to thank all our clients for their feedback and encouragement. It allows us to consistently upgrade our services and improve our processes to meet the needs and changes in the industry!

Take care,


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