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Bob The Builder: Blog 8

We are gearing up for another cool fall weekend! This time of year, many homeowners are shifting their focus to preparing for the holidays and cold weather. What many people don’t know is that this is the perfect time to begin planning any projects you want to do next year! Today’s blog is about how long it takes to get a project into production. For a bathroom or kitchen, from your first call to us, to the project completion, it can take up to 19 weeks and over 6 months for a larger project. For a whole house renovation or addition, it can take between 6 months to a year. Let’s look at why.

Step 1 – Fact Finding

The first thing we do is work together to determine if the project you have in mind is within your budget or if it needs to be pared down. We will meet with you to discuss your project and put the basic specifications and estimates together. After reviewing this information, we will work together to tweak the specifications and clarify what work is priority for you to help keep your project within your budget.

Step 2 – Fit and Finishes

It may seem counterintuitive, but homeowners should make selections of plumbing fixtures, cabinets, and countertops, electrical fixtures, tile, and flooring before the start of construction. All selections must be made and ordered before the project starts to ensure we have the correct measurements and the specifications of each product. Much of our planning is dependent on these measurements and specifications. This phase can take between 2 and 4 weeks and the lead times on products can vary between 2 weeks and 4 months to be delivered to us and to be ready for installation.

Step 3 – The Red Tape

If there are no formal plans, Calyx will commission plans from an architect or draftsman. Several versions of these plans go back and forth between the design team and the homeowner until we reach the final layout. Then Calyx applies for the Building Permit and places the orders for your products. We may be asked to provide engineering information or have the land surveyed if the City or Town requires additional information. We may need to enlist an engineer or architect to stamp plans. In total this process can take 2 – 5 weeks.

Step 4 – The Build

A project can take between 2 months and 6 months depending on how extensive and complex the project demands. On a larger project, such an addition or whole house remodel, the timeline is extended. Pouring foundations sometimes needs to wait for warmer weather to safely dig and pour a foundation. The last few years we have had mild winters, so we have been able to pour through the winter, but this is not always the case. If you are considering doing a project next year, please keep these time frames in mind.

So, if you’re planning a project that you want to start in the spring or early summer, you should contact us to get the ball rolling this fall! If you have any questions on the process, please email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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