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Bob The Builder: Blog 9

What a great fall!! I hope you all do something outside and enjoy the great weather.

The Crew at Calyx has been working on finishing two major projects this week. One project in Massachusetts includes a two-story addition with a family room, greenhouse, deck and observatory. The other one is in Rhode Island and included a kitchen, two story addition, renovating a guest bathroom and adding a new full bathroom along with siding the whole house and installing and refinishing both the painting and oak flooring.

The work the last couple of weeks was to detail the projects from the last doorknobs to paint touchups. It can be time consuming and tedious to make sure that the project turns out as we planned. Think of it as a test run for a new submarine (my nephew is in the Navy and hopes to one day command a sub). You want to make sure all of the systems – appliances, lighting, switches, outlets and doors to name a few, work and look as intended. People are always amazed at how fast these last installations and adjustments happen. We do this for a living, so it is normal for us. Sometimes, people get concerned that everything will not get done. My theory is that when a typical Homeowner looks at what needs to be done, they imagine how long it would take for them to do it. We have done every task multiple times, so the door adjustment that might take a Homeowner a morning to do, we can perform in minutes.

During this final process, we ask the Homeowner to supply a “punchlist”. We ask them to do this to see if there is anything that we missed during our final tuneup. Sometimes there are parts that need to get replaced due to damage onsite or from the manufacturer that was not seen until final installation. This work is noted on our “Certificate of Substantial Completion”, so that this final work is memorialized.

The “Certificate of Substantial Completion” is the closing document that Calyx uses to set the date that the work has been completed and this activates the Warranty.

The Calyx Warranty covers all of the work and products that we install in your home. Many manufacturers have extended warranties past the Calyx Warranty.

So, in conclusion, Calyx has a final process to complete your project and then we will come back to your home if something is not performing as we have promised.

Have a great weekend!!!


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