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Pricing by the Square Foot for a Remodeling Project is the same as buying a Car by the Pound

Last week, we met with a Client to review their Project Budget and the Design Agreement to add and addition, expand a bathroom, remodel and expand the kitchen including removing the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. A very typical project that Calyx has executed many times.

I spoke with the Client and they commented that the price per square foot was almost a thousand dollars. They were taking the preliminary budget and divided it by the square footage of the addition. What they did not consider when using this approach is that the additional space for the bathroom, kitchen and dining room was not included. If this was a good approach, then the cost per square foot would be reduced by 2/3.

The most expensive projects in an existing space is the kitchen and the bathroom.

Highly skilled plumbers, electricians and carpenters are needed to do the work. The cost of cabinets, tile, quartz or granite countertops, hardwood flooring, plumbing fixtures and more substantially add to the cost. The cost for an upper and lower cabinet with a countertop can cost as much as $2300. This cabinet occupies about 4 square feet, so this would cost $575 per square foot.

A typical bathroom is 8’ x 7’ or 56 square feet and a full gut bathroom can cost between $28000 and $60000. So a midpoint of $45000 would cost $800 per square foot.

Pricing by the square foot is not a accurate way to look at project costs. If you were buying a Mercedes or a Hyundai by the pound then you would see the same gross variance.

Each Home and Client has different needs and desires and the cost vary based on the final selections.

Have Questions on how to “weigh” your project? Email us at for your complimentary personal consultation!

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