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Building Archaeologist

We live in the Northeast part of the United States. This is one of the areas that have been lived in since the 1600’s. Due to the long history of this area, the houses that Calyx works in can be brand new or 100’s of years old.

I am a History buff, so I have always be fascinated to know and understand the history of people and their homes. Our  family emigrated from England, Ireland, Scotland and Italy over the last 200 years. Following my ancestors path from the “Old Country” to the US is a tale that continues to this day. Economic, political and religious freedom has been the common theme.

A three family (3 decker) home in Providence served the needs of the first generation of emigrees and became an anchor for the family that followed. Grandparents on the first floor, newly married with babies on the second floor and maybe the unmarried family on the third floor. These houses have been remodeled to reflect the needs of the current generation. Some of these homes have now turned into condos where separate owners live on each floor. We have also done renovations to the second and third floors that are combined as a “owners suite”. We recently gutted a 2-family home to the studs and turned it into a single-family home with all new windows, bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms including new electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.

We did a kitchen project on the East Side of Providence in a single-family home a few years ago. When surveying the job, we saw that the corner of the kitchen ceiling was sagging, and we added an allowance to the agreement to take care of this issues. After demolition, we found that a previous contractor had removed a load bearing wall that supported the second and third floors and the roof. We had to install a steel beam to replace the wall and we were able to use it as a faux decorative beam so that it looked like it belonged there.

One of the skills that we bring to the table is the long history that Calyx has in working on older homes. We use our experience to be Superman and see behind the walls. We try our best to allow for the work necessary but we found that we are not Superman and we can only use our best judgment.

We love working on older homes. Not everybody can as there is a unique set of skills that our Team brings to the table to help you.

So call us when you need a Building Archaeologist to help you with your “Antique Home”.

You can contact us at or call us at 401-334-9110. We are licensed, registered and insured both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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