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Herding Cats! 😃

       Everyone has heard the old saying about how hard it is to Herd Cats. Cats have a mind of their own and other than knowing where the litter box is located and what time they eat, it is nearly impossible to train them.

         Sometimes, that’s how we at Calyx feel. While herding cats represents the impossible task of controlling independent felines, running a construction project embodies the complexities of managing various stakeholders (Homeowners, Trades and Team Members), timelines (weather and building inspections), and resources (lead times, supply chain issues like breakdowns in manufacturing).

The phrase "herding cats" conjures an image of attempting to control animals known for their independence and resistance to direction. Cats are notorious for their unpredictable behavior, often wandering off in their own directions regardless of attempts to corral them. Similarly, managing a situation likened to herding cats implies dealing with individuals or elements that resist coordination or control.

Construction projects entail orchestrating a multitude of tasks, resources, and stakeholders to achieve a common goal. From coordinating contractors and suppliers to adhering to strict timelines and budgets, managing a construction project demands effective communication, meticulous planning, and adaptive problem-solving. Like herding cats, it involves corralling contrasting elements, but with the added complexity of tangible constraints such as materials, machinery, and regulations.

         Herding cats involves managing individual entities with their own agendas and tendencies, akin to managing the diverse personalities and preferences of team members in a construction project. However, running a construction project introduces additional layers of complexity, including legal requirements, safety regulations, environmental considerations, and logistical challenges.

         In both scenarios, successful outcomes depend on effective coordination. Herding cats requires patience, understanding, and sometimes creative tactics to guide independent creatures toward a common direction. Similarly, running a construction project necessitates clear communication, delegation, and the ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances to keep all parties aligned and on track.

At Calyx, we strive to adapt to changes while we manage multiple projects with varying circumstances, akin to a seasoned cat herder who knows just when to offer a treat or use a gentle nudge. We understand that each project, like each cat, has its own quirks and demands. Our team excels by blending meticulous planning with agile adaptability, ensuring as smooth of a transition as possible from one task to another. By leveraging advancing project management tools and fostering a culture of clear, consistent communication, we do our best to minimize chaos. Though nothing can be perfect. Our goal is always to rise to the occasion and learn from our mistakes so we can anticipate how to resolve issues more efficiently in the future. Just like a skilled cat herder learns to anticipate the unpredictable, we at Calyx gear our focus towards being proactive and prepared for the unexpected.

Our project managers work hard with their teams to foresee potential issues and develop contingency plans, allowing us to plan how we would address any disruptions that arise. Our emphasis on flexibility and that we can pivot strategies and reallocate resources as needed, much like adjusting our approach to guide a particularly independent feline. This dynamic approach, coupled with our commitment to collaboration and continuous improvement, enables us to manage multiple projects with varying circumstances effectively, ensuring that every project reaches a successful conclusion despite the inherent complexities.

If you need a Cat Herder to help you with your project, you can email us at to setup a complementary consultation. 

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