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How can you get more for less?🤔

Let’s say a contractor offered to inspect and do repairs on your home valued at $4000, but you only had to pay about $800. Now what if that $800 expenditure saved you thousands in utility costs over the year? No tricks. No caveats. No BS? What would you say? You’d say “yes”!

Did you know that Calyx is a Weatherization Contractor, licensed by the States of Rhode Island and Massachusetts and we are Building Performance Institute certified? We have several Crew Chiefs and Team Members dedicated to tightening up the insulation in your home right now.

Calyx works with homeowners of all income levels in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts to provide no cost audits and low-cost weatherization work that saves our customers annually on their utility bills!

The cost to do the audit is free and there is no obligation to do the work if you decide it isn’t right for you. The current turnaround time from application to audit to the completion of the weatherization work averages 2.5 months. During the cold winter months and the hot summer months your home will be better insulated than ever, saving you money throughout the year.

This program is available to everyone. We do work in million-dollar homes, low-income single-family homes condos, 3 deckers, apartments and we now offer our services for commercial spaces and offices!

Contact us at 401-334-9110 for more information or you can email us at

Here is the link to directly send your information to us to help you understand!!

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