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Mom, Dad and the Kids are Moving Home!!🏠😀


          History repeats itself! Over the centuries, families are formed with the Parents and the next generation. The kids strike out on their own, sometimes moving far away and sometimes right next door. For many reasons, the parents, grandparents, and the grown-up children (along with their kids), decide it is a good reason to “get back together” in the same household.

          There are two main reasons that this happens. Number one is Family. The desire to have your family around you to see the grandchildren grow and the need to be able to care for an aging parent makes sense. It is less costly to build than to send someone to assisted living. And you have a built-in Babysitter!! The other reason is financial. The cost to buy a new house or rent an apartment is outrageous. I have folks in my neighborhood where the grown children with the kids have moved back into Mom and Dad’s house to save money. Sometimes as a temporary cost saving measure or to be able accumulate the downpayment for a purchase.


To meet this need Calyx has built and designed In-Law Apartments, also known as ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units). The State of Rhode Island has an ADU law that has been passed in the House and is currently awaiting approval in the Senate. A version of this law will permit the occupant of the ADU to be a non-family member, which gives you the opportunity to now generate another stream of income from a tenant. Each town should have the ability to regulate how a building looks so that it fits in with the character of the neighborhood.


If you are thinking of building an ADU, there is a lot of research out there supporting why building an ADU is a wise investment decision that offers numerous benefits. From the potential for rental income to increased property value, tax benefits, and flexible use, these structures offer a secure and adaptable investment opportunity. Moreover, they provide an excellent solution for multigenerational living and contribute to addressing the affordable housing crisis in many communities. As homeowners seek ways to make the most of their properties, building an ADU stands out as a financially savvy and socially responsible choice. I can see why many homeowners are moving toward building ADUs!


Calyx can help you with designing and budgeting your ADU. Email us at to setup a complementary consultation.

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