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When beginning to plan a project, Homeowners often struggle to identify what their budget needs to be. Calyx has a new page on our website. Check out This new page focuses on the very beginnings of your construction journey, budgeting.

There are different levels for every bathroom and kitchen project. We have included some brackets using basic specifications at each level to help identify a preliminary budget. Our brackets are intended to give a Homeowner a broad idea of what to expect. The final costs and specifications will be customized to each project. Of course, every house, every family, every person has different wants, needs, and dimensions. Once you determine which bracket you want to be in, we can then help them flesh out the details of their project!

One more thing! This is new for us. We would really appreciate your feedback on the new page – anything layout, specs etc. We are always looking to improve.


You can contact us at 401-334-9110 or email

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