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Real Time Bathroom Project🧐

          What happens when we plan a layout and then discover we need to shift gears? We came across this very issue this month. We are currently working on a bathroom remodeling project for a young Family. We met a few months ago to survey the site, taking pictures and measurements and discussing the potential options available for their bathroom.

          Based on that conversation, we prepared the Agreement which included the specifications, timeline, cost and payment schedule for the Project. When we were putting the Agreement together, we based it on what we could see and from our experience with similar projects. We also make educated guesses as to what we cannot see behind the walls and the floor. This combination of circumstances sets a baseline for the project costs and layout options.

          Based on the initial information, the Clients then picked out their products for their bathroom including a larger tub, larger vanity and larger toilet than what was originally in place.

          The next step was for Calyx to complete the demolition. This is the point where we get to see what is going on with the framing and plumbing. We found both good and bad. Good: The floor joists were running in a favorable direction, because of the way they ran, it helped us with the final layout. Bad: The original cast iron vent stack did not meet the current plumbing code, so it had to be changed.

          Now that we can see what we are dealing with, and the “bones” of the bathroom are exposed, our next step is to modify our preliminary plan using the Art of Design. In construction, this is a normal part of a process. We need to reconcile the Clients product selections, how the space was originally constructed back in 1924 and the current building, plumbing, mechanical and electric codes with the modern requirements such as clearances for a toilet.

          This takes time to figure out. Several hours and sometimes days goes into brainstorming solutions. Our production team researches codes, products, and layout options. We met several times with the Client and Trades to work towards the solution to our special challenges.

          Just this week, we came to a final layout that fits the Family’s needs. We are very proud of the work we did on this and are to say that we were able to keep the extra cost down for the work on the cast iron vent stack while keeping the preferred product selections our Clients loved. Stay tuned for more progress and pictures!!


Calyx can help you figure out your next project. Email us at to setup a complementary consultation.

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