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Remembering All Who Have Sacrificed and Served! 😃

          Summer traditionally starts the weekend of Memorial Day! I’d like to wish a happy start of Summer to our all our Clients, Friends, Team Members and Trade Partners. Calyx looks forward to the start of some new projects and closing out our Winter 23 and Spring 24 projects. We are fortunate to have the ability to look forward to our future with thanks to those who served. This weekend is about reflecting and being grateful.

The observance of Memorial Day began after the Civil War to commemorate the sacrifices of the Civil War Soldiers. My Great Grandfather John Brierley served in the 14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry and was at many battles including Gettysburg, Fredericksburg and Appomattox.


Our Family has had servicemen in the War of Independence, 1812, Civil War, World War 2, Korean War and the Gulf. We currently have men serving in the Air Force, Army and Navy. Our prayers go out to them and all of their comrades and their families.


The picture shows my Dad, Donald Potter Brierley (on the right) with his friend Bill at an Maxwell Army Air Force Base in Alabama during World War 2.


I want to express my sincerest gratitude to all who have protected us and those who continue to.    God Bless America!!  

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