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The Calyx Process and What to Expect

1. Initial Consultation, Site Assessment and Budget Discussion:

  • Meet with our Senior Project Manager to conduct a thorough assessment of the site.

  • Discuss the limitations and possibilities of the work area as well as your goals and requirements. (Consider factors such as space, lighting, and existing structures.)

  • Share your design ideas and style preferences.

  • Discuss your “Wants Vs Needs”

  • Clearly define your budget for the project.

  • Ask about cost implications of design choices and materials.

2. Preliminary Budget Review

  • You will meet with the production team for a Preliminary Budget Review.

  • You will work with the Estimators to refine your conceptual design and project scope based on your bottom-line budget. The goal is to keep on budget and create a plan that works within your means.

3. Design Development:

  • Calyx will develop detailed drawings and plans for construction, including dimensions, material specifications, and any necessary technical details.

  • Depending on the scale of the project, you can choose In-house plans or request an Architectural plan.

4. Final Cost Estimation:

  • Calyx will have Trade Partners conduct site and plan reviews to gather detailed cost analysis. Provide a detailed cost estimate based on the finalized design to ensure transparency regarding project costs.

5. Contract Agreement:

  • Once your estimate is agreed upon, you will receive a comprehensive contract outlining the entire project scope.

  • Your contract will define payment schedules and milestones.

6. Permitting and Inspections:

  • Calyx will obtain all necessary permits for the construction. And ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations.

  • You will receive updates from your production team at each inspection.

7. Construction Oversight:

  • Your Production Team will consist of 2-3 team members. A Project Manager and Assistant Project Manager with oversight from the Senior Project Manager.

  • Your Production Team will coordinate delivery schedules for all materials and monitor the construction process to ensure adherence to codes and plans.

  • Calyx will address any unexpected challenges that may arise with you in a timely manner.

8. Change Orders:

  • Any changes to the scope of the agreed upon work will be addressed in a formal addendum signed by a member of your production team and will require your authorization.

  • Some Change Orders may be required per State Code.

  • Calyx will seek your feedback and address any concerns promptly.

9. Final Walkthrough:

  • You and a member of your Production Team will conduct a final walkthrough to ensure satisfaction with the result.

10. Project Completion:

  • Calyx will review and address any remaining issues or adjustments.

  • You will be provided with a Certificate of Completion and your 1-year Warranty signed by a member of your Production Team.

11. Post-Completion Support:

  • Calyx offers ongoing support for maintenance or additional inquiries.

  • We will ask for your honest feedback for future improvement.

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