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Every year we review our annual goals for our business, our team as a whole and individually. We always make comparisons to past year’s experiences and use those answers to improve. This year as we were doing this, I was asked, “How many houses and projects has Calyx built over the years?”

I took a look back through our records and we have built over 300 houses from the ground up, constructed over 3 miles of roads, insulated 1000’s of homes and performed remodeling on at least 1500 homes.

Wow, that is a few lifetimes of work! How were we able to accomplish this? I have been in construction since 1978, so I have 46 years of experience in this industry. Our Project Managers, Steve and Dan, along with our carpenters, glazier, insulators, and specialized trade employees have over 400 years of experience combined! We have seen and done a lot and our combined knowledge has become an invaluable wealth of resources. Our team is capable of navigating obstacles many other contractors often shy away from. Odds are that the Calyx Team has seen it before. But even if we haven’t, with our vast network of experts and specialists, we always know how to find the solution. As our Facilities Manager, Rue often says, “I know a guy”, and that guy has the answer.

Let Calyx’s Experience help you! And don’t forget to spread the word! Calyx is currently offering a free heated floor with every bathroom project signed before March 19th! If you are ready for a Custom Tile Bathroom, you can contact us at 401-334-9110 or email

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