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I bet you didn’t know that the rating of your tile matters! Over the years Calyx has built hundreds of bathrooms and kitchens where tilework is a key feature of the project. Tile is a durable product, but it needs to hold up well to the wear and tear of daily use.

One of the most important selections you will make during a renovation is the tile. We always recommend purchasing at a reputable dealer and not in a big box store. Tiles sold at a reputable dealer will have a “wear rating”. Wear ratings define where the tile should be utilized. Many of the tiles that are available from the big box stores are not rated, so buyers beware!!

You may love the look and feel of a tile and come to find out, after it’s been installed, that it cracks, chips, or even causes some slipping and falling! Using a tile rated for walls on floors can cause some divots and discoloration. Imagine old carpet on the kitchen floor. There would be noticeably more wear in front of the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator than other areas of the kitchen. These are known as "pivot-points”, and they affect tile products as well! So, what is the “Wear Rating System” and how does it work?

Tile Wear Rating System

Class 1 – these tiles are designed for application on walls only

Class 2 – light duty residential floors – such as the main or master bathroom, not good for guest bathrooms that have a lot of traffic

Class 3 – residential applications – good for all areas in a home

Class 4 – all residential and light commercial applications – homes, offices and restaurants

Class 5 – suitable for all applications including those with heavy traffic and constant use such as hospitals and shopping malls

Class 8 – applies to all natural products: marble, limestone, slate, granite, and tumbled marble.  

Each product has features that may or may not work in certain areas. This is why Calyx always pairs our customers with trusted and vetted vendors that assist with selecting the right tile for your space and design.

Calyx is currently offering a free heated floor with every bathroom project signed before March 19th! If you are ready for a Custom Tile Bathroom, you can contact us at 401-334-9110 or email

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