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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude. Over the past 11 years Calyx has grown from a construction company of just my Wife, Joanne and I running the business from our home, to now having over twenty team members, 8 trucks and owning a building where we run all operations and craft custom work for our clients. With this great growth comes great responsibilities to everyone in the company. I take my job very seriously as I am responsible for ensuring each team member’s family is supported and cared for. I genuinely care for my team and do my best to make sure they know that.

We are grateful for all the Clients that we have worked with over the years. Many of our Clients have been repeat Clients, honoring us with the opportunity to do multiple projects for them and in some cases, in multiple homes as they moved through their lives.

           We have been privileged to build all kinds of projects – bathrooms, kitchens, whole house remodels, an observatory, custom millwork, lofts in mills – so many cool projects! Every Client has a unique style and that keeps us on our toes helping us to learn new products and methods to accomplish this work. We take on the hard jobs – the ones that many contractors shy away from as there is risk in taking work on in older homes, but we thrive on the challenge and love to bring these projects to life.

We have a talented team that has been carefully put together and now more than ever, we have the bandwidth to do more work. We take pride in evolving, we are constantly improving and implementing new systems. We are currently upgrading our scheduling and project management systems and we have just onboarded the new software and adapted it to the first two projects!

          We are planning to roll out referral incentives and a repeat Client program that can benefit everyone. Keep an eye out for more details soon!

I am extremely grateful for our team, our clients and all the people who make Calyx the best experience it can be.  Thank you all for supporting us over the years! If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about how Calyx can help you with your next project please contact us! We are here to help. or call 401-641-5329

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