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This profession is a challenging and often interesting one. What most people don’t count on is it also being funny. I’ve always gotten a kick out of being called “Bob the Builder”. A play on the popular children’s theme from some years ago. The show is long gone, but the nickname stuck! I have built over 300 houses, starting when I was 28 years old, and the trades nicknamed me “Bob the Boy Builder” because I was so young.


I was building a house for a Client in Cumberland, they purchased a Bob the Builder construction helmet during their travels in Ireland. Their five-year-old son presented it to me proudly. He was very excited to have met the “real” Bob the Builder! When meeting with that family some months later for a service call, I had to tell them that somebody stole my helmet out of my truck. Their son was devastated that the world could be so cruel as to steal Bob’s helmet. The helmet was replaced and it still holds a special place on the bookcase in my office.

Another time while meeting with a Client about finishing their basement. Their young daughter was jumping around like she had ants in her pants. Exasperated, the Mother asked if she could sing for me. The little girl sang the Bob the Builder song, including all four of the verses. I didn’t even know there was more than one!

This last funny story is when I met with a Client who asked their young son if he knew who I was. When she told him I was Bob the Builder, it was as if he just met Santa Claus!! He even got to hold the tape measurer as I took measurements. The Smile!!!

I have taken on the nickname with pride and humor. Its been a great honor to be “Bob the Builder” and help turn our clients ideas into reality.  Can we fix it? Yes we can!

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